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1 x DL380 G5 PSU  1 x Mini-SAS Internal Cable for Supermicro 2U  10 x 6005 PC's & 10 x 19" Monitors  10 x Office Media Refurb Tower PC's & Monitors  10 x Office Refurb PC's  10 x R610 Servers (Bundle)  10GBe  10x Cisco 3750E-24TD-S Switch  10x DL360 G6 Bundle  12 x 1.4M and 28 x 1.7M Optech SFP+ 10GB Cables  12 x 300GB SAS 10K 6G HP 507284-001  12 x 4GB PC3-10600R 2Rx4 ECC Server RAM  12x HP 300GB 10K Hot-Swap 2.5" SAS 6GBPs DP Dual Port Hard Drive & Caddy Server HDD  150 x 8GB PC3-10600R RAM  16GB DDR3 RAM  16GB Samsung PC3L-8500R DIMM Memory Upgrade Kit  1950  1TB RAM (Pre-Configured)  2 x 64GB Sets of RAM (8 x 8GB)  2 x E5-2650 V3 Ten Core  2 x HP 600GB 2.5" SAS Drives (Gen8 Caddy)  2 x PSU  2 x R710 Servers  2.5TB RAM  20 x Quantas  250GB 3.5" SATA Drive  2900  2950  2970  2TB  2x 146GB SAS 2.5" HP  2x Quanta E5-2600 Servers Barebones (with heat sinks)  2x X5670 2.93GHz Hex Cores 1x DL360 G7 Heat Sink  2x Z620 & 12x Quanta servers  3 x 2.5" SSD Caddies  3 x C6100 Bundle Deal  3 x Quanta riser board (PCIe x16)  3 x Upgrade from 300GB to 600GB SAS  3.5" Dell 300GB 15k RPM LFF Hard Disk Drive in Caddy Dell’s 9th and 10th series SAS / SATA Hard driv  32 x HP SAS/SATA 2.5" G7 Caddy  335537-001 Hard Drive HP Caddy 3.5" ProLiant: DL120 G6  36 x 3.5" SuperMicro SuperChassis CSE-847 2 x 8-Core Xeon (Pre-Configured)  36x Caddy Converter for C6220 3.5" - 2.5"  39 x LGA2011 Cloud Rack Servers E5-2600 in Cabinet (Configure-To-Order)  39 x Quanta Servers In Rack Cabinet  39x Foxconn servers  3TB Drive  4 x 4GB 5300F RAM (For T5400)  4 x Common Slot 750W PSU & 4 x 1200W Common slot PSU  4 x E5-2660 2.20GHz Processors  4 x E7-4830 V2s  4 x Enterprise SATA 250GB 3.5" Drives (No Caddy)  4 x Mellanox MHRH2A-XSR Dual Port InfiniBand PCI-E x8 SFP+ HCA Low Profile  4 x Riser and PRO 1000PT (SP) For Z6000  4 x X7560  48 Port Gigabit 1GB Layer 2 / 3 Switch Huawei S5348 LS-S5348TP-SI-AC 10/100/1000  48GB - Pre-Configured)  4GB 12800S RAM  4TB Seagate ES.3 6GB/s LFF SAS Drive  4x 300GB SAS 2.5" 10K in Gen8 Caddy  5 x DL360p Gen8 (Configured)  500GB 3.5" 7.2K SAS Drive (Series 11 Dell Caddy) PN; 1KWKJ  512GB RAM  544 (E5-2660) Cores 5TB RAM  594-2841-01  594-4601-01  5TB RAM  600GB 2.5" 10K SAS Drive (HP 2.5" Caddy G6/G7)  600GB 2.5" Dell SAS Drive (Series 10 Caddy)  600GB 3.5" Dell SAS Drive (Series 11 Caddy)  600GB Large Form Factor 15K Fibre Channel Drive (Hitachi - HT-0VLF400) FCAL  609096-B21  624 Cores  625140-001 / 638521-002  6900  6950  6GB DDR3 RAM  72TB Storage System  8 x 2TB (16TB) Bundle  8 x 4GB PC2-5300F ECC Server RAM  8 x 600GB SAS (Hitachi)  8 x 8GB 5300F  8GB 12800U RAM  8GB PC4 RAM H730 RAID  8GB)  9 x Quanta Servers  96GB PC4 RAM  Additional Shipping Charge  Adobe (Lightroom) - Basic Workstation  Adobe (Lightroom) - Extreme Workstation  Adobe (Lightroom) - Intermediate Workstation  AMD Opteron 6276 2.30GHz Sixteen Core CPU 16MB L3 Cache Socket G34 OS6276WKTGGGU  AutoCAD (2017) - Basic Workstation  AutoCAD (2017) - Extreme Workstation  AutoCAD (2017) - Intermediate Workstation  AVID (Media Composer) - Basic Workstation  AVID (Media Composer) - Extreme Workstation  AVID (Media Composer) - Intermediate Workstation  Bundle Deal - Cables/SFP Cards  C6100 (Pre-Configured)  Cheap 1U Chenbro Quad/Hex Core (Configure-To-Order)  Cheap 2U Chenbro Quad/Hex Core (Configure-To-Order) RM23212-02C  Cheap E5-2600 Sixteen Core Cloud Foxconn Server (Configure-To-Order)  Cheap E5-2600 Sixteen Core Cloud Quanta Server (Configure-To-Order)  Chenbro 1U E5-2600 Sixteen Core Cloud Server (Configure-To-Order)  Chenbro RM13704 1U Bundle  Chenbro RM41824 4U - Dual E5-2600 - 24 x 3.5" SAS/SATA (Configure-To-Order)  Christmas Special Gaming PC  Cisco Catalyst WS-3850-48T-L Stackable Managed 48 Port Ethernet Switch (WS-3850-48T-L)  Cisco TwinGig Converter Module CRV-X2-SFP VO2 3750E SFP+  Common Slot 750W for SLx2170Z Server  Comp  D2700  data centre rack  Dedicated Cloud Server Rack  Dell 2950 Full Rack Rails Kit  Dell 73GB Drive in HP G5 2.5" SAS Drive  Dell C1100 400W PSU  DELL DRAC5 Remote Access Card  Dell Enterprise 500GB LFF 7.2K 6GBps SATA III Drive  Dell Intel PRO/1000 PT Single Port 0U3867 Ethernet NIC Card PCI-E 10/100/1000  Dell Optiplex 790 Small Form Factor - i3-2100 Dual Core 3.10GHz  Dell Optiplex 790 Small Form Factor - i5-2400 Quad Core 3.10GHz  Dell PowerEdge C2100 12 x 3.5" (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge C2100 24 x 2.5" (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge C6100 (4x Node Home Lab Bundle)  Dell PowerEdge C6100 Full Rack Rail Kit  Dell PowerEdge C6220 (3 x Node (Configure-To-Order))  Dell PowerEdge C6220 (4 x Node (Configure-To-Order))  Dell PowerEdge M620 (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge M905 (Pre-Configured)  Dell PowerEdge R300 (Pre-Configured)  Dell PowerEdge R300 Quad Core 2.83GHz (Pre-Configured)  Dell PowerEdge R310 (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge R320  Dell PowerEdge R320 (E5-2440 V2  Dell PowerEdge R510 Server  Dell PowerEdge R520 (Pre-Configured)  Dell PowerEdge R620 (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge R710 (8 x 2.5" (Configure-To-Order))  Dell PowerEdge R710 (Home Lab Bundle)  Dell PowerEdge R715 (8 x 2.5" (Configure-To-Order))  Dell PowerEdge R715 (Missing Ear)  Dell PowerEdge R720 (Configure-To-Order)E5 V2 Processors  Dell PowerEdge R730  Dell PowerEdge R810 (Configure-to-Order)  Dell PowerEdge R910 (Configure-To-Order)  Dell PowerEdge R910 4x Eight Core X7560  Dell Precision 490 / T5400 Workstation Heatsink PowerEdge SC1430 Server (JD210)  Dell Precision 490 B Grade (Configure-To-Order)  Dell Precision T5400  Dell Precision T7600 (Pre-Configured)  Dell QLogic QLE2564 Quad Port HBA 8GB Fibre Channel Card PCI Express  Dell R210 Xeon X3450 2.66Ghz 8GB RAM  Dell R410 Bundle  Dell R710 T610 Hot-Swap Power Supply 570W  Dell R710 rails  Dell R710-R715-R810-R815 Front Bezel  Dell R720 Rack Rails  Dell R720 Rails  Dell SAS SATA 3.5" G9/G10 PowerEdge 1950 2950 D981C G9146 Hard Drive Caddy  Dell T410 Tower Server (Pre-Configured)  Dell-MGMT-servers (Bridges)  Digi CM 48 Port 1GB Switch  Digi CM 48 Port 1GB Switch SSHv2 RJ-45  DL140 G3  DL160 G5  DL160 G6  DL160 G6 Pre Configured  DL180 G6  DL185 G5  DL320 G4  DL320 G5  DL320 G5p  DL320 G6  DL360 G4  DL360 G4P  DL360 G6  DL380 G6  DL380 G7  DL380p Gen8 Rack Rails  Dual Eight Core E5-2650 (Home Lab Bundle)  Dual port Ethernet  Dual Port IBM Intel PRO/1000 PT Ethernet NIC Card PCI-E 10/100/1000  E5 V2 Processors  E5-2630L V3 Eight Core  EMC Brocade DS-5300B 80 Fibre Port Switch 8GB/s 4GB/s  EMC KAE 15 x 300GB Fibre (4.5TB)  EMC-KTN-STL4 8 x 300GB 15K Fibre HDD  ESXi 5.0  ESXi 6.0  Everyday - HP 6005 - PC - Cheap  Fast PC  FreeNAS  Fujistu Primergy RX300 S7 2U (Configure to Order)  Fujistu TX100 S1 Tower Server (Pre-Configured)  Fujitsu Primergy RX600-S4 (24 Core)  H700 RAID upgrade kit for Dell R710  Heatsink for BL460c G6 Blade  Home Office PC  HP 146GB 15K Hot-Swap 2.5" SAS Hard Drive & Caddy Server HDD  HP 6200 Pro Small Form Factor (i3/i5) (Configure-To-Order)  HP 6300 Pro Small Form Factor (i3/i5) (Configure-To-Order)  HP 8300 SFF  HP AF622A IP Virtual Media Console G2 KVM Switch 32 Port  HP Compaq LA2306x 23" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor  HP D2D2502i Backup System (Pre-Configured)  HP DL160 Gen8 (CTO Rackmount Server)  HP DL360 G7 (Pre-Configured)  HP DL380 G6 (6 x 3.5" Bays) (Pre-Configured)  HP DL380 G7 (6 x 3.5" Bays) (Pre-Configured)  HP DL380 G7 750W Power Supply  HP DL380p Gen8 rackmount server  HP DL580 G7  HP Elite 8200 Small Form Factor - i3-2100 3.10GHz Dual Core  HP Elite 8200 Small Form Factor - i5-2400 3.10GHz Quad Core  HP Elite 8300 Small Form Factor - Intel i3-3220 3.30GHz Dual Core  HP Elite 8300 Small Form Factor - Intel i5-3470 3.20GHz Quad Core  HP Elite 8300 Ultra Small Form Factor - Intel i5-3470s 2.90GHz Quad Core  HP EliteDisplay 23" Widescreen E231 LED LCD Monitor  HP LE1901w 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor  HP P4300 G2 Storage Works (Pre-Configured)  HP ProLiant 2U DL380 G6 2x Quad Core L5520 Xeon 24GB RAM P410 RAID 4x 73GB SAS  HP ProLiant 2U DL380p Gen8 Pre-Configured  HP ProLiant BL465c G7 Blade Server  HP ProLiant DL180 G6 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL180 G6 (Configure-To-Order) 4x 3.5" Storage Server  HP ProLiant DL180 G6 / SE326M1 G6  HP ProLiant DL2000 / DL170e G6 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL360 G5 G6 G7 Rack Mount Rails Outer Rails 364996-001 365002-002 364998-001  HP ProLiant DL360 G7 (Home Lab Bundle)  HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9  HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8  HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 V2 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL380 G7 (16 x HDD Bays) (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8  HP ProLiant DL580 G7 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant DL580 G7 Server  HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant S6500 Scalable System (8 x SL230s Gen8 Blades)  HP ProLiant SE326M1 G6 - 12 x 3.5" (Configure-To-Order)  HP ProLiant Z6000 / SLx2160z G6 (Configure-To-Order)  HP SAS Drive  HP SL6500 Bundle Deal  HP Smart Array P812 Controller SAS 2-Port Int/4-Ports Ext PCIe x8 613270-001  HP SSA70 Storage Array (Configure-To-Order)  HP Storageworks D2700 AJ941A 25 x 2.5" HDD Bays Dual PSU + 25x 73GB 10K SAS  HP Storageworks D2700 Storage Enclosure  HP StorageWorks X3400 G2 (Pre-Configured)  HP StorageWorks X9300 (Pre-Configured)  HP T5740e Thin Client  HP X1400 G2 Storage Works (Pre-Configured)  HP Z210 (Configure-To-Order)  HP Z220 SFF PC  HP Z230 SFF (Pre-Configured i5  HP Z230 SFF (Pre-Configured)  HP Z230 Tower (i7-4770)  HP Z230 Tower PC - Intel i7-4770 3.40GHz Quad Core  HP Z23i 23" Widescreen LCD LED Backlit Monitor  HP Z420 Workstation Bundle Deal  HP Z600 Workstation Tower  HP Z620 (Pre-Configured)  HP Z620 Z series workstation  Huawei S5324 network switch 24-port  Huawei S9303 network switch 24-port  Huawei S9303 network switch 48-port  i3  i5  i7  IBM 2498-B80 Fibre Channel Switch 80 Port & 24 4GB SFPs  IBM System X3550 M4 (Configure to Order)  IBM System X3650 M4 (Configure to Order)  IBM X3650 M4 E5 Socket Server  IBM x3850 M2 4U 4x Quad Core 128GB RAM (Pre-Configured)  IBM X3850 X6  iDRAC6 Enterprise Module  iDRAC6 enterprise Module for R710  Intel Xeon 5160 3.00 GHz Dual Core Processor  Intel Xeon X5482 Quad Core Processor  LB6M & 10 x DAC 10GB Cables  Low power CPUs  Low Powered Bundle  LSI 9212-4i 4 Port Internal 4 Port External SAS/SATA 6G HBA Card  LSI SAS3041E 4 x Port SATA / SAS RAID Controller Interface PCI-e x4 Card  MD1120  MD3000i  MD6000i  ML110 G4  ML110 G5  ML150 G2  ML150 G3  ML310 G2  ML310 G5  ML350 G4P  ML350 G5  ML350 G6  ML370 G6 Caddy.  NAS  NetApp DS14 MK2 AT Disk Shelf Storage Array (12x Caddies)  NF100  NF500  NF600.  NIC  Nvidia 2000 1GB Graphics Card  nVidia GeForce 310 512MB DDR3 - 1 x DVI & 1 x Display Port  Nvidia K4000 3GB GDDR5 Graphics Card  nVidia Quadro NVS290 PCIe x1 - Dual VGA Output  Nvidia Quadro NVS300  nVidia Quadro NVS310 512MB PCIe x16 - Dual Display Port Output - Full Height  nVidia Quadro NVS450 512MB PCIe x16 - Quad (4x) Display Port Output - Full Height  PERC6i 512MB BBWC RAID Controller  Pre-Configured Blade Centre  Quad Port HP Intel PRO/1000 PT Ethernet NIC Card PCI-E 10/100/1000  Quanta 24 Port SFP+ Switch LB6M  Quanta Cabinet  Quanta Grid D51B-1U E5-2600 V3 / V4 1U Rack Server  R200 Caddy. PowerVault: MD1000  R200 Rails - Inners & Outters  R300  R905  rack cabinet  RAID Battery for PERC5i  Rails & 20x SFP+ Cables  SAS Drive  SB40c Storage Blade Server (Configure-To-Order)  SFP+  SFP+ Cable Twinax Direct Attached Copper 2.4M  SolidWorks (2017) - Basic Workstation  SOLIDWORKS (2017) - Extreme Workstation  SolidWorks (2017) - Intermediate Workstation  Sun Oracle X3-2 (X4170 M3 (Configure to Order))  Sun StorageTek CSM200 EU SAN 594-2455-01  Supermicro BPN-SAS2-846EL1 4U 24-Bay SAS/SATA Expander Backplane Assembly  SuperMicro H8DAE Rack Server  SuperMicro SuperChassis 20 x 2TB CSE-846 2 x E5 V2 8-Core Xeons (Pre-Configured)  SuperMicro SuperChassis 36 x 2TB CSE-847 2 x 8-Core Xeon (Pre-Configured)SuperMicro SuperChassis 20   SuperMicro SuperChassis 36 x 2TB CSE-847 2 x 8-Core Xeon (Pre-Configured)SuperMicro SuperChassis 20  SuperMicro X7DBT 2x Nodes (Pre-Configured)  Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ (CSE-815 (Configure to Order))  Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ - CSE-826 (Configure to Order)  T300  Testing (DO NOT BUY) 1  UK Kettle IEC Power Lead 3M  Universal fixed Full Rack Rail Kit for 1U servers  VMware  Windows 7  Windows 8  X520-DA2  XEN  

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HP Blade Servers

HP Blade Servers

HP blade systems provide intelligent, dense server infrastructure to maximise valuable data center rack space. With refurbished HP blade servers from bargain hardware you can further economise with a dense, high performance rackmount solution ideal for Virtualization, cloud computing and HPC clusters.

With the widest selection available in the industry, the HP Proliant series covers have a blade for every requirement. From the BL460c, the world’s bestselling dual-socket Intel Xeon blade server to its AMD brother, the BL465c and density optimized four-socket BL680c and BL685c. Providing a consolidated server and storage infrastructure solution that saves you money, power, and time, HP blade systems maintain the reliability and performance expected from enterprise class hardware.

We stock a wide-range of configurable refurbished HP Blade servers and chassis. From the older BL p-Class chassis, accommodating BL20p G3 Intel Xeon 64-Bit blades to modern C7000 chassis supporting everything from XW460c workstation blades to Xeon Jaketown (E5-2600) models with DDR3 RAM and ultra-high-end architecture.

From interconnect modules and mezzanine adaptors to 3-phase power supplies and external storage options, there’s a lot to consider when making your refurbished HP blade centre purchase. If you need any assistance then send us a mail via contact us, use our live chat facility or just pick up the phone and call 01254 878 801.

All HP Blade Servers
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  • HP BL460c Blade Server Dual SFF SAS SATA Bays
    £9.99 Choose Options HP BL460C (Configure-To-Order)
    The refurbished HP BL460c Blade Server is ideally suited to data centre environments and HTPC clusters. Twin CPU sockets support Intel Xeon Quad Core 5400 series processors with Intel Vtx hardware virtualization, while 8...
  • HP BL20p G3 Blade Server Dual SCSI LFF Hard Drives
    £11.99 Choose Options HP BL20p G3 (Configure-To-Order)
    The HP ProLiant BL20p G3 is a twin socket Intel Xeon based Blade Server with support for Dual Xeon processors up to 3.6Ghz. Economical 3.5" (LFF) SCSI U320 hot-swap hard drives provide up to 600GB storage space in two drive...
  • HP BL460c G6 Front view
    £29.99 Choose Options HP BL460C G6 (Configure-To-Order)
    The refurbished HP BL460c G6 Blade Server is ideally suited to data centre environments and HTPC clusters. Twin CPU sockets support Intel Xeon Six-Core 5600 series processors with Intel Vtx hardware virtualization, while 12...
  • HP BL460c G7 Front view
    £39.99 Choose Options HP BL460C G7 (Configure-To-Order)
    The HP ProLiant BL460c G7 provides greater 2P x86 server blade density without compromise and maximum power-efficiency with flexibility and choice   Our hardware customization commitment lets you choose the components...
  • HP p-Class Blade Server Enclosure Fully Populated BL20p
    £129.99 Choose Options HP p-Class Enclosure (Configure-To-Order)
    HP's BladeSystem p-Class Enclosure supports up to 8 x BL20p series blade servers in a 6U enclosure. Custom configure the p-Class chassis with your choice of interconnect modules  to best service your BL20p G3 blade...
  • HP C7000 Bladecenter Server Blade Chassis
    £324.99 Choose Options HP C7000 (Configure-To-Order)
    The refurbished HP C7000 blade enclosure supports almost the whole range of modern HP blade servers from the BL460c to BL860c. Custom configuration from bargain hardware allows you to choose the interconnect modules, power...
  • HP BL460C Gen8 (Configure-To-Order)
    £429.99 Choose Options HP BL460C Gen8 (Configure-To-Order)
    The HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server Blade is the latest addition to the world’s leading family of server blades. With an ideal balance of performance, scalability, and expandability, this new server blade offers a...
  • HP ProLiant S6500 Scalable System (8 x SL230s Gen8 Blades)
    £1,460.00 Choose Options HP ProLiant S6500 Scalable System (8 x SL230s Gen8 Blades)
    Driven by explosive business growth, scalable systems are being the new must have. The HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System is designed huge scale-out deployments providing you with one the greatest Power Per U currently...