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MAR Case Study - CSH Transport & Forwarding LTD


MAR Case Study bargain hardware (CSH Transport)



The U.K. based logistics specialist CSH Transport & Forwarding Ltd. was aiming high with its nationwide growth plans until the cost and complexity in managing operations at disparate offices with underperforming and unreliable legacy IT systems was no longer justified. Bargain Hardware provided the company with a complete IT overhaul with its end-to-end IT refurbishment and procurement services under the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program, covering logistics and freight, recycling and trade, long-term warranty, maintenance and technical hardware/software and licensing support.



CSH Transport Lorry Loading

CSH Transport offers a diverse range of certified bespoke logistics solutions including transportation across Europe and vast indoor storage capacity in the 30,000 sq. ft. facility at Blackburn, U.K. The company has 30 years of experience in handling and transporting hazardous goods including explosive chemicals and fuel across treacherous European roadways. The reputable logistics firm has considered establishing new service centers across the country to cater to rising market demands, which depends on centralized and standardized information management across disparate locations and a highly mobile workforce.



The information management department at CSH Transport constitutes of 12 desktop machines operating third-party warehouse and logistics solutions for tracking, managing and planning storage and transportation processes in real-time. The wider IT network at the facility includes over 30 connected machines performing critical business IT operations including billing and finances, customer support, GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring, communication with a mobile workforce, as well as warehouse storage and logistics management.


With no IT hardware deployment and management strategy in place, these machines were at least three to six years old, lacking corporate IT standard, prone to crashing and usually without the latest genuine Microsoft Windows solutions required to run third-party centralized logistics and warehouse management solutions optimally. CSH Transport General Manager Stuart Haworth insists “Desktop hardware and software crashes was a common occurrence and frequently led to costly IT disruptions as our IT Control Center remained unable to execute plans during service outages. With every single minute of delay in dispatching freight we lost real money and thus damaged our own brand reputation”.


CSH Transport Tracking Screen

Haworth further described the prospective strategic direction for the organization’s growth plans and the need for standardized modern IT infrastructure to enable reliable information management driving productive logistics and storage operations across disparate locations.


“We’re considering expansion into service centers near major ports of the country including Liverpool, Southampton and London in a bid to expand our service rang in the competitive logistics space in the U.K,” said Haworth.


““The cost of IT hardware acquisition, reliability and standardized software packages to enable centralized information management and communication will greatly influence our decision in replacing and expanding our desktop computing fleet,” he added.


A lack of the latest genuine Microsoft operating systems across all PCs meant the systems weren’t fully compatible with the state-of-the-art third-party solutions purchased earlier by the organization to efficiently manage logistics, warehouse storage and a mobile workforce.


And for the logistics service provider as an active consumer of carbon-rich fuel, CSH Transport sought an eco-friendly IT solution to prevent the obvious backlash from environmentalists.



CSH Transport sought the most reliable and cost effective IT hardware/software refresh solution, and contacted Bargain Hardware for its market reputation in delivering high-quality, end-to-end and standardized PC procurement services to corporate customers. Bargain Hardware implemented a complete IT hardware/software refresh at CSH Transport facilities and developed a thoroughly-planned roadmap for future IT infrastructure deployments at the company’s potential new service centers.


“I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Bargain Hardware in understanding our IT infrastructure requirements accurately, and efficiently devising a complete desktop procurement solution we simply couldn’t resist!” said Haworth.


CSH MAR Decision Boardroom

Based on a rigorous assessment of the IT requirements, budget concerns and future growth plans of CSH Transport, Bargain Hardware advised the company’s General Manager to explore the use of refurbished IT hardware supplied under the industry-standard MAR program.


“For me, the term “Refurbished” was loaded with bad connotations and misconceptions such as ‘faulty’, ‘damaged’ or ‘unreliable’ until we tested a few refurbished machines for a pilot project in our IT Control Center.”


Bargain Hardware delivered 5 refurbished HP Z-series workstations equipped with genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system at an attractive discount price and deployed the systems on the next day following the order placement.


“The newly deployed refurbished machines redefined IT efficiency and productivity for our IT staff testing a new GPS tracking and vehicle fleet management software solution to improve transportation security and on-time logistics delivery.”


After two weeks of rigorous performance and reliability testing of the refurbished machines, General Manager Haworth ordered Bargain Hardware to implement the planned general roll out across the organization. Bargain Hardware coordinated the logistics to deliver and deploy 30 refurbished desktop computers with pre-installed Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.


Bargain Hardware’s service agents also installed other third-party software solutions running on the replaced desktop machines to make sure no IT service disruption occurs during the mass desktop fleet refresh implementations. These included 5 enterprise-grade refurbished machines deployed at the CSH Transport IT Control Center managing business-critical processes and operating the wider company IT network. The company was also able to negotiate a special discounted three-year On-Site support contract with Bargain Hardware to meet long-term corporate hardware needs.


The replaced machines were traded for an attractive price, bringing the total cost of standard corporate desktop procurement down to unimaginable levels. The remaining reusable desktop machines were later collected from CSH Transport, upgraded with the necessary hardware and software, and redeployed back at the facility within one week. This was just another day at the office for Bargain Hardware, a dedicated IT procurement service provider with 20,000 sq. ft. of indoor warehouse storage facility filled with IT hardware inventory, operating with a staff of more than 40 trained individuals, shipping 12,000 refurbished machines across the nation per year, and thus qualifying for the MAR program.


Along with its education sector partner firm ICT Direct, Bargain Hardware continues to provide MAR license consulting, technical support and contract administration assistance as part of the long term warranty and customer support plan.


“We’d certainly welcome Bargain Hardware to implement a similar high-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly and reliable IT infrastructure solution for our prospective new facilities around the country, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to our partners and customers” said Haworth in appreciation of Bargain Hardware’s IT procurement services.




Refurbish. Rebuild. Reuse.


Microsoft Refurbisher Programs help people, businesses, and communities around the world embrace sustainable technology.


To learn more about Microsoft Refurbisher programs please visit www.microsoft.com/refurbishedpcs


CSH Transport’s company-wide PC refresh project was a great success in terms of technological advancement on-budget, without any significant IT service disruption for the organization’s workforce and customers. The logistics firm is on track to expand business across the country, with IT hardware and MAR software procurement all ready to ship and deploy at a single phone call to Bargain Hardware.


“I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Bargain Hardware in understanding our IT infrastructure requirements accurately, and efficiently devising a complete desktop procurement solution we simply couldn’t resist!” said Haworth.


“Best of all, Bargain Hardware technicians replaced all desktop machines efficiently, transferred the important files from the replaced machines and installed all required software during the deployment phase. So for employees it was the same user-experience but with an exceptionally high performance standard and no concerns surrounding hardware and software crashes”.


Bargain Hardware successfully established a consistent corporate desktop standard across all 35 refurbished machines deployed at CSH Transport. Future IT infrastructure management is now easier and predictable for the company’s IT staff. And by choosing refurbished machines over brand-new computers, the company realized over 60 percent of cost savings with low-cost IT hardware, discounted genuine MAR software and Bargain Hardware’s own procurement logistics, IT infrastructure deployment services and long-term technical support.


“Our network is now connected with the right desktop management software suite providing full visibility and control into IT hardware performance and quality status. We can now roll out new software upgrades and apply virtualized software applications with a few simple clicks at the IT Control Center”.


A proposed Microsoft Enterprise Software Agreement would enable CSH Transport to facilitate Microsoft software licensing to the company’s mobile workforce working from home or using portable computers on the European roadways. CSH Transport is now in a position to yield maximum returns from Microsoft licensing investments thanks to Bargain Hardware’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of corporate software licensing.


“For CSH Transport, Bargain Hardware deserves 10 out of 10 for MAR consultancy, hardware deployment and technical licensing support for corporate customers,” concludes Haworth.