Server & Workstation RAM (ECC)

Servers and Workstations use error correcting ECC SDRAM, which comes in a variety of formats depending on the age and specification of the system. Currently Bargain Hardware stock DDR, DDR2, DDR3 & DDR4 ECC Registered RAM. For each DDR type a plethora of speeds are available, for example DDR3 memory offer 8533MHz, 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz and 2133MHz bus speeds. With the introduction of DDR3 also came DDR3L (PC3L), otherwise known as Low-Power Server memory, PC3L memory operates at a lower voltage whilst still offering the same performance, saving you money on energy costs. With DDR4 becoming more prominent, new RAM prices are high, however with refurbished DDR4 Server and Workstation RAM you can be sure you're getting tried and tested RAM at a great price.
Often replacing existing Hardware with new or refurbished systems isn't completely necessary, component upgrades such as RAM, can offer significant performance boosts and optimize your networks speed at a low cost whilst also prolonging the lifecycle of your system. Bargain Hardware offer a vast range of refurbished OEM ECC Server memory for upgrading or replacing DIMMs in thousands of systems including HP ProLiant Rack Servers, Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers, Lenovo System X Servers and Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers. Bargain Hardware is the best place to buy ECC server RAM online offering competitive pricing with worldwide, express, shipments available.
Much like Servers, most Workstations utilize ECC memory and benefit in the same way with RAM upgrades. Workstations from lines such as HP Z-series, Dell Precision or Lenovo ThinkStation now offer incredible RAM capacities allowing for upwards of 1TB RAM to be installed in a singular Workstation chassis. Memory upgrades for your HP, Dell, Lenovo and a host of other Workstations are available for purchase with same day shipping from the online catalogue. With thousands of DIMMs in stock and ready to ship you can purchase as much RAM as you require whether you need a upgrade kit of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB RAM or simply a singular stick as a replacement, you can easily purchase online from Bargain Hardware.
All pre-used and refurbished memory modules are rigorously tested on state of the art test equipment to ensure only top quality, reliable memory is delivered to you.