Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)

Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)

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  • Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
  • Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
  • Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
  • Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
  • Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
Quanta D51B-1U 10x 2.5" (SFF)
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  • 2x Twenty Two (22) Core Xeon
  • 24x 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 10x 2.5" SAS/SATA
  • 2x PCIe Expansion Slots

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    • Eight Core
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All RAM listed below is compatible. Low-voltage RAM is best for applications requiring minimal power consumption. VLP is Very Low Profile RAM for systems with limited vertical space. There is no difference in compatability or performance.

Memory Blanks are optional and fill the DIMM slots on the motherboard. If, for example, you've selected 2x DIMMs and the motherboard has 4x DIMM slots, you can take 2 memory blanks maximum. Memory Blanks are primarily used for airflow and dust prevention for unpopulated DIMM slots.

No RAID, RAID & HBA-Mode controller options available. The 'HBA-Mode' controller options will come with single drive pass-thru enabled and may not have other RAID levels immediately available.

    • No RAID
    • Hardware RAID Enabled

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