8th Gen

HPE ProLiant Gen8 Rack Servers

Discover the robust performance and reliability of HPE ProLiant Gen8 rack servers. At Bargain Hardware, we offer a comprehensive range of HP Gen8 servers, including the versatile HP ProLiant DL360 Gen8, the powerful HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8, and the high-capacity HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8. These models are engineered to deliver efficiency, scalability, and value, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including virtualization, database management, and high-performance computing.

HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers support Intel Xeon E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 processors, ensuring advanced performance for compute-intensive tasks. With extensive DDR3 RAM configurations available, these servers can handle substantial memory loads, ensuring robust performance for critical applications. The and DL380 Gen8 models stand out with their compact design and high performance, making them perfect for diverse workloads, from general-purpose applications to mission-critical tasks.

For larger scale and more demanding applications, the DL560 Gen8 and DL580 Gen8 offer powerful solutions with support for multiple Intel Xeon processors, massive memory capacity, and extensive I/O options. These models are ideal for virtualization, large databases, and enterprise-critical workloads.

Enhance your data center with HPE ProLiant Gen8 rack servers from Bargain Hardware. Our inventory includes robust solutions designed to future-proof your infrastructure while delivering reliable, high-performance results. Explore our extensive selection or contact our sales team at +44 (0) 1254 878801 for customized solutions and expert advice. Keep your business ahead with the dependable and innovative Gen8 series.