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High performance computing (HPC) has become widely adapted due to it's ability to solve advanced problems and perform demanding research activities. Using super computers and parallel processing high performance computing systems deliver sustained performance even for the most demanding tasks. Offering high-density and incredible price/performance in fast, reliable and flexible enclosures Bargain Hardware bring you supercomputers from the likes of Dell EMC and HPE ProLiant and Apollo, equipping you with the power you want, at a price you need.
HPC's work together with multiple different technologies to ensure you have the power needed when required. An efficient High Performance Computing system isn't complete without a low latency high bandwidth network, need to update your networking equipment as well? You can find our high performance networking kit here.
Don't know the specification you should choose? Please get in contact with the technical sales team on +44 (0) 1254 878801, via live chat or email.

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