Cloud & Virtualization Solutions

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Harness the unmatched speed and scalability of Virtualization packages from the likes of VMWare, Red Hat and Proxmox with Bargain Hardware's refurbished Cloud & Virtualization HPE, Dell EMC & SuperMicro server solutions. With co-location and energy costs continually climbing the flexibility of virtualisation packages have never been more attractive, businesses can efficiently manage their hardware and their budget through intelligently designing usage profiles to maximize VMs per system and compute power per Watt. Bargain Hardware has hand selected these systems for use with Hypervisors due to their flexibility, upgradability and in many cases their impressive core-per-u count.
In the era of remote working the necessity of providing your remote workers with easy to use digital workspaces with access to all business-critical applications is apparent. An uninterrupted workflow can be achieved by an effective remote work model giving employee's real-time access to required applications leading to better employee engagement and retention. Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) such as Parallels RAS give you enhanced data security, simplified deployment and management, and reduced total cost of ownership all whilst providing your employee's with a seamless remote desktop experience.
It isn't uncommon to find your typical application server running at around 5% to 10% utilization, make the most of your compute power with Bargain Hardware's Virtualization and Cloud solutions today. If you’re looking for a server solution that you can’t see listed, then please contact our sales team via email, on live chat or via phone +44 (0) 1254 878801.