Dell Storage Arrays

Dell PowerVault storage solutions have multiple features to ensure you can scale your business as required. Whether you need to upgrade an old system or simply need to add direct attached storage to your rack servers Bargain Hardware has the perfect refurbished solution for you.
Dell PowerVaults primary lineup consists of SAN, NAS and DAS storage enclosures designed specifically to maximize your storage space whilst minimizing your costs. Refurbished PowerValut systems further decrease your cost per TB through impressive pricing of quality tested hardware. Utilizing Bargain Hardware's state of the art configurator you can configure your storage system to your exact requirements ensuring you gain every feature you could possibly need whilst also adhering to your budget. Through the use of refurbished hard drives, that have been thoroughly tested, you can achieve impressively large storage capacities at tiny prices whilst maintaining peace of mind due to our one years warranty
In the market for a cost-effective Dell PowerVault system with high through-put and drive capacity? Bargain Hardware have you covered. If you can't quite find the system you require get in contact via our live chat, via email or by simply calling +44 (0) 1254 878801 and we'll be happy to help.

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