HP Storage Arrays

HPE offers best in class storage solutions for all business needs, whether you need to upgrade a legacy NAS or SAN or just need to increase your virtualized storage-pool Bargain Hardware has the perfect refurbished solution for you.
HPE's core line up consists of SAN's, NAS's and DAS storage solutions which have been optimized for big-data. Refurbished storage solutions from Bargain Hardware come at a small fraction of the price of new but don't sacrifice performance. Our industry leading configuration process allows you to configure your HP enclosure to you exact requirements, with options from controller modules to power supplies and caddies to hard drives ensuring you get exactly what you want at a price you need. Utilizing refurbished hard drives that have been thoroughly tested you can achieve impressively large storage capacities at tiny prices whilst maintaining peace of mind due to our one year warranty.
In the market for a cost-effective StorageWorks system or perhaps a more up-to date StoreVirtual system with high through-put and drive capacity? Bargain Hardware have you covered. If you can't quite find the system you require get in contact via our live chat, via email or by simply calling +44 (0) 1254 878801 and we'll be happy to help.