Dell Precision 490

The Dell Precision 490 is a high-end, performance workstation based on Intel Xeon Dual & Quad Core architecture. Packing exceptional processing power and scalability in a reliable, innovative dual-orientation chassis, the Dell 490 is the ideal solution for both tower and desktop environments. With the resources to run several power hungry applications simultaneous with up to eight-processing cores, tasks from rendering and financial trading to CAD and high-end gaming prove no obstacle.
Intel Xeon 5100 & 5300 series processors operate at 1333Mhz with up 8MB L2 cache, with the popular Dual Core 5160 (3.0Ghz) providing an economical alternative to E5345 and X5355 (2.33Ghz/2.66Ghz) Quad Core options. And with up to 32GB of fully buffered ECC RAM across 8 DIMM slots, intelligent power management delivers the essential capability to optimize efficiency and power usage. The on-board SATA RAID controller delivers data redundancy configurations for up to three 3.5” LFF hard drives and storage capacity up to 6TB using 2TB SATA II HDD’s, with both PERC5/I and SAS5i/r upgrades available to provide SAS RAID.
Dell’s engineers worked very closely with both hardware and software (ISV) developers to create the Precision 490, ensuring the 64-bit multithreaded applications of both today and tomorrow are given the platform to succeed. This hardware collaboration has created a machine of huge expansion possibilities, with five PCI ports including PCI-Express x16, PCIe x8 and PCI-X. Eight USB ports allow you to connect all manner of business peripherals to manage your office.
From Windows Tower Server to GTA gaming rig, Bargain Hardware’s Configure-To-Order system allows you to build your own refurbished Dell Precision 490 exactly as you want it. Whether Windows 7 home premium or professional, the choice is yours. If you need any further assistance on this product then don’t hesitate to contact us using the on-screen form.

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