Dell Precision 690

A true powerhouse in every sense, the Dell Precision 690 is an enterprise class workstation capable of scaling great heights in high end computing environments. For demanding applications, complex tasks and multifaceted projects you need a workstation with almost infinite expansion possibilities and the Precision 690 delivers time and again. With eight-core CPU support, up to 16 DDR2 RAM slots, up to five 3.5” HDD bays, nine expansion slots and 1KW PSU, this is a machine limited only by your imagination.
Sharing the Intel 5000X chipset with the Dell PowerEdge 2900 Tower Server, the Dell 690 accommodates two Intel Xeon processors from the 5100-5300 series. With the Quad Core Xeon X5355 2.66Ghz at 1333Mhz FSB proving a reliable and highly sought after option for ultimate performance. Native RAM capacity is 32GB across 8 DIMM slots, with optional memory riser boards enabling up to 64GB DDR2 fully buffered RAM. Data redundancy and large scale storage is essential in growing businesses and the on-board LSI-1068 SATA RAID controller delivers with RAID 0 & 1 for up to five SATA II hard drives with 2TB capacity per drive. An optional PERC 5/I provides battery backed write cache and further RAID capacity (0,1,5,10).
Scalability is the party trick of the Dell 690. No other workstation on the market offers she sheer range of expansion opportunities as this towering, innovative design. Graphically demanding users will be utterly gratified with PCI-Express expansion slots accommodating cards up 150w with support for numerous OpenGL cards. An optional riser for the 1KW power supply chassis allows NVIDIA SLI technology to connect two high-end graphics cards for 3D performance that goes unrivalled. Expansion doesn’t stop there, with a further total of 9 slots including dual PCI-X, triple PCI-e x8 and even legacy PCI at 33Mhz.
All Bargain Hardware refurbished workstations are available with Windows 7 operating system under our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher programme. Whether building your Dell Precision 490 as a scalable rendering machine or looking to put together a tower server, our Configure-To-Order hardware dropdowns put you in charge of budget, specification and software. Just tell us exactly what you want and let our trained technicians do the rest.

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