Dell Precision T5400

The Dell Precision T5400 is a high performance workstation which maximises performance and scalability in a compact tower chassis. With dual Intel Xeon processor sockets and Fully Buffered ECC memory the T5400 can be seen as a tower server in disguise, providing the all the power and advanced features you come to recognise from the Dell PowerEdge series.
At the core of Precision T5400 and T7400 workstations is the Intel 5400 chipset with twin LGA771 CPU sockets to accommodate two Harpertown (5400 series) Quad Core processors such as the E5440/X5450 and X5460. This two-way architecture benefits from up to eight cores to open-up performance impacting bottlenecks in bandwidth between processors, memory and chipset. Impressive memory expansion is provided with 8 slots capable of handling up to 32GB of DDR2 ECC Registered RAM.
Combine the T5400 with a CUDA capable graphics card for demanding graphical design applications such as CAD, GIS, and digital content creation. The Dell Precision T7400 offers dual Native PCIe Gen 2 x16 slot support, allowing for up to 225 watt graphics cards. The LSI 1068e SAS/SATA RAID controller (RAID 0 & 1) provides On-Board data control for up to three x 3.5” (LFF) hard drives, with a full complement of 2TB SATA drives yielding an enormous 6TB storage space!
Bargain Hardware offers customization of all Dell Precision workstations. Customize your workstation with our Configure-To-Order (CTO) hardware options which allow you to select various settings during the purchase process; building you refurbished Dell Precision in line with your budget and performance requirements.

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