Dell Precision T7400

The Dell Precision T7400 is Dell's top of the range eight-core powerhouse workstation. Almost infinite expansion options are available for this designed to maximise both performance and scalability, meeting all the requirements to gracefully breeze through the most computer intensive of applications.
Sharing the same Intel Xeon/DDR2 FB-DIMM architecture as the Dell PowerEdge 1900 & 2900 tower servers and with Intel VT-x hardware virtualization capability, this adaptable workhorse is perfectly capable of operating as a tower server, computer aided design (CAD) workstation or super high-performance desktop PC.
Twin Intel Xeon LGA771 sockets offer support for 51xx-54xx series Quad Core processors, with eight cores capable of running at up to 3.33Ghz at 1600Mhz with dual independent front side busses, allowing up to 12.8 GB bandwidth path for data between processors, memory and chipset. Memory capacity is equally eye watering with Dell T7400 memory boards providing 16 slots for 128GB DDR2 ECC RAM.
Up to five 3.5” (LFF) hard drive bays run from the On-Board LSI 1068e SAS/SATA RAID controller (RAID 0 & 1) with increased performance from the optional PERC6i. SAS drives are supported at speeds up to 15K RPM in sizes of 73GB/146GB/300GB and 600GB. Seven PCI slots include dual PCI Express Gen 2 graphics ports and legacy PCI to introduce your older interface cards.
From AutoCAD graphic design to Microsoft Server with Hyper-V; this refurbished Dell Precision T7400 workstation does it all. You can customise every specification with the Bargain Hardware Configure-To-Order (CTO) hardware selector, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between computing power requirements and restrictive budgets.

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