HP XW6600

The HP XW6600 is simply an ultra-high-performance workstation that ticks every box. Designed and engineered for everyday office working environments, both space saving and noise output have been finely tuned to deliver a reliable, small and quiet workstation that meets your most demanding engineering, digital content creation, video and multimedia production challenges.
With Intel® Dual—and Quad-Core (51xx-54xx series) processor capability and up to 32GB DDR2 ECC RAM, this system shares the same fundamental architecture as HP’s legendary ProLiant tower servers. Intel VT-x hardware virtualization is standard on all CPU combinations from Dual Core Xeon 5160 to Quad Core Xeon X5450, running applications such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V with consummate ease.
The XW6600 is built to run quietly and cause minimal disruption in a working business environment. Its small form factor chassis is packed with carefully planned airflows, quiet fan technology and intelligent system engineering layout principles to maximise its distinctly quiet and thermally-efficient chassis. Yet this compact design does not infringe on expansion capabilities and with dual Gen2 PCI-e interfaces, the HP xw6600 is capable of delivering up to twice the graphic performance of previous systems.
Whether you require an computer aided design rig for AutoCAD, an ultra-high end desktop gaming PC for Call of Duty or a virtualization ready tower server for VMware, bargain hardware’s Configure-To-Order (CTO) hardware customisation put you in control of the specifics of your refurbished workstation to meet both price and performance goals.

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