HP XW8600

HP’s XW8600 workstation enters the stage as an eight-core powerhouse, designed to exceed all expectations and still leaving room for expansion. It’s a quad core Xeon tower server with Intel VT-x, a dual Gen2 PCI-Express CAD workstation for intensely demanding graphical design or high-end gaming and all the while it’s a subtle, tower system making so little noise that it’s comparable to your modern day desktop PC.
Going toe-to-toe in fierce competition with the Dell Precision T7400, the XW8600 uses Intel’s 5400 chipset, delivers 4x the graphics processing throughput capability of previous generations along with support for high-end CUDA capable graphics cards and multi-monitor displays. The same chipset supports two Intel Xeon Quad Core processors with up to eight cores at 3.4Ghz and 1600Mhz Front Side Bus (FSB) and optional RAM riser boards create space for 128GB of DDR2 ECC registered memory.
Of all the HP workstation family, no other system offers close to the expandability and scalability of system options. This highly flexible system offers incredible flexibility to adapt and meet the requirements of your business, with a space efficient, tool-less chassis allowing servicing, maintenance and upgrades to take place with minimal hassle.
HP is renowned for world-class engineering and with their top-of-range workstations they do not disappoint. Extensive testing ensures your demanding applications run faster and with greater reliability.
The 80 PLUS high-efficiency power supply gives you maximum compute power while utilising every watt of power carefully.
Using our Configure-To-Order (CTO) processing menus you can build your own refurbished HP XW8600 exactly as you want it and safe in knowledge that it will be configured to bargain hardware’s exceptional standards. If you need assistance in matching your budget and specification then please don’t hesitate to contact us using details found at the bottom of the page

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