HP XW9400

The HP XW9400 is a uniquely scalable twin socket system with processing, memory and storage capability to meet the combined needs for the most demanding computation and visualization tasks. HP’s most powerful AMD workstation yet, the XW9400 is an eight-core capable, 64-bit powerhouse with 3rd generation Opteron CPU’s. Ideal for digital content creation, film and video production, computer-aided design or the ultimate high-end gaming rig.
Both Dual Core and Quad Core AMD processors are supported between the various XW9400 revisions, with the popular Opteron 2356 providing an unbeatable price/performance ratio with 2.33Ghz clock speed across eight cores in two sockets. Eight DDR2 Registered ECC DIMM slots accommodate memory up to 64GB capacity, with 32GB configurations available for half the Intel Xeon based equivalent priced. The high-end CPU & memory buses are perfectly balanced by AMD’s Direct Connect architecture, minimizing traditional system architecture bottlenecks by optimizing and balancing throughput performance.
Fully-duplexed dual PCIe x16 ports support two high-end graphics cards with NVIDIA SLI Technology, enabling up to four 3D displays. The HP XW9400 provides cost-effective, scalable visualization capability for demanding high-performance application requirements such as parallel rendering or compositing. Meanwhile storage space abounds with 5 internal 3.5” (LFF) SATA/SAS hard drive bays running from the integrated SATA RAID controller for data redundancy protection (RAID 0,1,5 & 10).
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