Adobe Lightroom Pre-Configured Workstation

Adobe Lightroom Pre-Configured Workstation

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  • Adobe Lightroom Pre-Configured Workstation
  • Expert Configuration Workstation
  • Basic Configuration Workstation
  • Intermediate Configuration Workstation
Adobe Lightroom Pre-Configured Workstation
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  • Basic: Quad Core 3.10GHz, 8GB RAM, 3GB Graphics
  • Intermediate: Quad Core 3.00GHz, 32GB RAM, 3GB Graphics
  • Expert: Hex Core 3.50GHz, 64GB RAM, 4GB Graphics
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For use of Lightrooms less demanding features, general photo-editing of smaller file sizes, and general day-to-day use the 'Basic' workstation offers a highly-reliable, cheap solution.

For individuals and businesses looking to use the full catalog of features offered by Lightroom the 'Intermediate' workstation brings you the perfect blend of price and performance. Prepared for editing images <750MB in size the Intermediate workstation offers professionals a cost-effective solution.

The 'Expert' system is the best-of-the-best. With more RAM, Cores and VRAM this system is primed to tackle the most complex of jobs such as exporting large numbers of photo's and files of >750MB. Prepared for further compatibility with intensive suites such '3DS Max' and 'Maya' this system will help you accomplish everything you need to in less time than ever before.

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We recommend having two drives which provides the best performance:

  • 1. Primary Drive: SSD for the operating system and software
  • 2. Secondary Drive: Another SSD for active project files.
  • 3. Tertiary Drive: A third external storage device, external hard drive, can be used to minimize usage of second SSD to further improve performance.

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    • SSD - Caddy/Tray Required