Pre-Configured SolidWorks Workstations

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With the web being full of unreliable and contradictive information configuring the perfect computer-aided design, CAD, or computer-aided engineering, CAE, machine can be a monumental task. At Bargain Hardware we've simplified the process of purchasing the perfect workstation for Dassault Systems SolidWorks. Below you can find our pre-configured SolidWorks Workstations carefully crafted to suit varying users requirements, alternatively you can find our in-depth purchasing guide here.

Basic: This unit is configured above the "Recommended Specification level" to run SOLIDWORKS software to ensure smooth operation. This machine will perform all the basic tasks you require with ease and will allow you to make use of the standard software features on offer. The basic system is ideal for smaller assemblies, typically less than 1-million parts and users who do not plan to do a great deal of rendering and simulation.

Intermediate: This machine is perfect for the professional designer working with mid-sized projects with between 1 and 10-million parts. Designed primarily for 3D design and modelling, whilst still providing ample rendering and simulation performance, these units are configured well above the software vendors "Recommended Specifications" and will work seamlessly with all the intensive features SOLIDWORKS has to offer.

Expert: This unit is the best of the best. Allowing you to use all features available and completing tasks at lightening speed whilst upping your productivity. Designed to tackle both rendering and extremely complex models these machines have been configured well above the "Recommended Specification" making this system 'future proof' and compatible with nearly all other design studios available, these units will far surpass your wants.

Each of the above levels of machine are all recommended for use with these products, pre-configured specifically to make finding the perfect machine for you even more straightforward!
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  1. SOLIDWORKS Pre-Configured Workstation
    • Basic: 3.40GHz Quad Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 2GB Graphics
    • Intermediate: 3.60GHz Hex Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 8GB Graphics
    • Expert: 2x 3.20GHz Eight Core CPU, 128GB RAM, 16GB Graphics
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    Base From: £391.20

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