Pre-Configured PCs

Refurbished Desktop PC computers from bargain hardware have been fully cleaned, configured, checked and, tested by our trained professional IT technicians. We always prefer to deal with enterprise class computers, designed for business reliability and performance. Our HP Elite, Dell OptiPlex and Lenovo Think systems are built to last with far superior design and production processes than the low-end systems found on the high-street.
Offering a fantastic blend of power and price our refurbished desktop PCs for sale have many of the benefits that new systems have, but a far cheaper price point. Pre-customized for your use our pre-built section has perfect pre-configured systems allowing you to simply buy your next computer in matter of minutes. Separated by processor series our systems can be easily chosen from whether you're looking for a home PC using a low-cost Intel i3 processor, an all-rounder PC for general office use with Quad Core CPU power when needed in the form of a Intel i5 CPU, or a powerful everyday i7 computer with a fast SSD for the more intensive tasks your business faces Bargain Hardware have a solution for every business and home user.
Ready to buy, at a cheaper price than most businesses sale prices, Bargain Hardware have a selection of the industries best small form factor, desktop or tower computers. Prefer to configure your own PC? Checkout our desktop pc custom configuration tool ready for you to make your unique spec whether that be a cheap dual-core configuration under £100 or a high-spec quad-core i7 & solid state drive system.

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Pre-Configured Desktop PCs

Shipping & Packaging
We pride ourselves in offering our customers incredibly quick build and dispatch times. Please see our Delivery & Packaging page to find out more about our delivery options and sustainable packaging. Bargain Hardware continues to sell quality hardware throughout Europe; more information for our valued EU customers can be found on our Brexit Update page.

Need some help?

Assemble your professionally refurbished desktop PC with our easy-to-use online configurator, or use the Contact Us page to speak to one of our friendly support staff today. Looking to refurbish a full office? Discounts are available for bulk purchases of desktop PCs! Please don't hesitate to mail our sales team to learn more.