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Bargain Hardware is your one stop shop for used and refurbished server, refurbished workstation and refurbished desktop components. Whether it is RAM upgrades, CPUs, HDD storage, graphics cards, power supplies or any other component, we will usually have it in stock, tested and ready to go.
Take advantage of our massive buying power as one of the largest IT equipment re-use and refurbishment companies around. We regularly de-commission large data centres and server farms. Our bulk purchases of systems and components ensure that you get the best price for cheap refurbished & used components. Our handling systems and testing equipment are best in class, and our technical staff have years of collective experience. Often purchasing a replacement system is an unnecessary cost, as the vast majority of Desktops, Laptops, Workstations and Servers will benefit from a RAM or CPU upgrade which can be obtained quickly from Bargain Hardware at an incredibly cheap price.
Maintenance jobs, and finding replacement components, can often prove difficult. Thankfully, Bargain Hardware's entire component category is available, all with correct cross references and individual pictures. Browse thousands of CPUs, DIMMs, Enterprise Storage Controllers, Caddies and many other lines of refurbished components or simply enter the part number required and the chances are it's in stock!
Check out Bargain Hardware's extensive stocks online, or contact the technical sales staff if you need advice on upgrades or compatibility. You will make big savings compared with OEM prices, with the added advantage of contributing to the green credentials of IT component re-cycling.