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Refurbished Desktop PC computers from bargain hardware have been fully cleaned, configured, checked and, tested by our trained IT technicians. We always prefer to deal with enterprise class computers, designed for business reliability and performance. Our HP, Dell and IBM systems are built to last with far superior design and production processes than the low-end systems found on the high-street.
An excellent affordable choice, our used and refurbished desktop computers provide the same benefits as new machines at a fraction of the price and are quickly becoming favored among SMEs as the best cheap computer option. The majority of the PC’s we sell come from large institutions and corporations; they may have some observable cosmetic blemishes, but have been well maintained even before the full overhaul by the Bargain Hardware team.
Popular models range from the Intel Core i5 HP EliteDesk 800 G2's to the Dell Optiplex small form factor 3020 and ultra-small form factor 9020 computers. Dell Optiplex and HP Elite desktop PCs are renowned as reliable, affordable and effective office computers due to their long life cycle and flexibility making these PCs perfect for professional offices and homes alike.
Whether you’re looking for a small form factor, desktop or tower computer, we’ve got you covered. See our pre-configured machines section to find a computer to suit your needs. Alternatively you can build-your-own PC with our configure-to-order (CTO) products, putting you in control of the hardware options to meet your budget and performance requirements. Need something a little more portable? Checkout our refurbished business grade laptops.

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