Memory (RAM)

A Memory upgrade is the easiest and most effective performance boost you can give most systems. The more RAM you have, the faster your Desktop PC, Laptop, Server or Workstation will run.
Upgrading your system’s memory can be costly if you purchase brand new parts from OEM's, but purchasing pre-used and refurbished / re-conditioned RAM from Bargain Hardware does exactly the same job but at a fraction of the price. Refurbished RAM retails for less than half of new DIMMs, and with no moving parts or pieces requiring maintenance, used memory is incredibly reliable as a tried and tested product. Most systems currently in circulation use DDR3 memory, however DDR4 memory is starting to make an appearance in more units. Both DDR3 and DDR4 used memory is available for purchase, with an abundance of Server RAM, Workstation RAM, PC RAM & Laptop RAM, available on the web store.
Memory DIMMS have many variations, generations are as follows: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4, which refers to the Bus clock speed and transfer rate, the size of DIMM Module can be DIMM, SODIMM or MicroDIMM. Used memory is available for purchase from manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix and Micron or OEMs such as HP, Dell and IBM. Lastly, ECC, which stands for Error Correcting Code and is used in Workstations and Servers and Non-ECC RAM which tends to be used in desktop PCs. Ensuring you choose the right RAM your machine is crucial, if you are unsure of which RAM to purchase be sure to get in contact with Bargain Hardware's expert sale's team and they will be able to help. If you already know which RAM you require to upgrade your system, you can buy RAM for PCs here, you can buy RAM for Servers and Workstations here and you can buy RAM for Laptops here.
As one of the UK's leading suppliers of refurbished computer and IT equipment, Bargain Hardware has a huge inventory of RAM for sale whether you're looking to upgrade you HP ProLiant Server with cheap HP memory or give your Dell Precision Workstation a boost, Bargain Hardware have something for you.

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