Pre-Configured AVID Workstations

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AVID products come in many different forms including, Media Suites, Live Sound Suites and Broadcasting Graphics software. Amongst the most popular AutoDesk products are: Media Composer, Interplay Assist, and pro-tools. We've created bundles for each of these products and labelled them according to their ability:
Basic: These units are configured to, or slightly above, the "recommended specification level" to run each software suite. These workstations are configured just below the recommended specification level for the more intensive features such as working with UHD, large projects or an interplay environment.
Intermediate: The intermediate workstation is perfect for the professional designer. These machines are configured above the vendors "recommended specifications" for Media Composer & Pro Tools whilst being in line with the required specification for UHD, large projects or for interplay environments.
Expert: These production workstations are perfect for 16K editing and the largest audio production projects. Allowing you to use all features available and completing tasks at lightening speed. These units have been configured well above the "recommended specification" for all Media Composer & Pro-Tools tasks.
Where possible we've provided AVID certified systems and configurations to make finding the perfect machine for you even more straightforward!
If you have any questions or wish to speak to a sales rep, please use our live chat or feel free to call the office on 01254 878 801.

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  1. AVID Workstation - Z-Series
    • Basic: 3.50GHz Hex Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 4GB Graphics
    • Intermediate: 3.00GHz Eighteen Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 8GB Graphics
    • Expert: 2x 3.00GHz Eighteen Core CPU, 128GB RAM, 16GB Graphics
    • Render Optimised: 2x 2.10GHz Twenty-Two Core CPUs, 256GB, 16GB Graphics
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    Base From: £437.04

  2. AVID Pro-Tools - Digital Audio Workstations
    • Beginner: 3.50GHz Hex Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 1GB Graphics
    • Home-Studio: 3.00GHz Twelve Core CPU, 48GB RAM, 1GB Graphics
    • Professional-Studio: 3.00GHz Eighteen Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 8GB Graphics
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    Base From: £1.20

Grid List