All In One Desktop PCs

All-in-One (AIO) PC's are designed to house every part of the PC in one compact and convenient location, the monitor. Much like a laptop, only with the power you'd expect from a desktop PC! This eliminates plenty of issues users have with desktop PC's - some people have a large tower case on the floor, minimising their leg room, or on the desk, reducing available desk space. Having an AIO PC's means you only need to be able to accommodate your monitor, mouse and keyboard.
We have a selection of AIO PC's here at Bargain Hardware, with 3rd, 4th and even 6th generation Intel CPU's available, AIO PC's are still able to be fully customised to your requirements.
Dispatched from our UK warehouse and shipped across Europe our refurbished desktop PCs come with a full years warranty to ensure you get the maximum out of your machine.

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