AutoDesk Workstations

AutoDesk's products come in many different forms including, 3D Design, engineering and entertainment software. Amongst the most popular AutoDesk products are: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Maya. We at Bargain Hardware have created refurbished workstation bundles for each of these products, based upon AutoDesk certified hardware, and labelled them according to their ability:
Basic: These units are configured to the "Recommended Specification" to run AutoDesk software. This machine will perform all the basic tasks you require and will allow you to make use of the standard software features offered.
Intermediate: Is perfect for the professional designer. These units are configured above the vendors "Recommended Specifications" and will work seamlessly with the intensive features AutoDesk provides.
Extreme: These units are the best of the best. Allowing you to use all features available and completing tasks at lightening speed. These units have been configured well above the "Recommended Specification" making this system future proof and compatible with nearly all design studios available these units will do everything you want and more.
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