10G Switches

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Enhance your network's speed and performance with 10Gbps networking switches. Dramatically speed up the data transfer capabilities in modern networks with lightning-fast speeds, enabling seamless data transmission for high-demand applications such as HD video streaming, large file transfers, and real-time collaboration.

Enjoy reduced latency and improved network responsiveness, ensuring smooth business operation even during peak usage periods. Drive business productivity and stay ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape with faster interconnects and smoother workflows, maximise multitasking, reliability and efficiency.

Upgrade to 10Gbps networking switches and experience faster NAS connectivity and significantly increased throughput. Bargain Hardware stock a significant range of switches all the way up to 100Gbps and even PoE solutions that will let you power everything from phones to CCTV systems with one cable.

Our refurbished networking switches come with warranty included and dedicated customer support, upgrade your network infrastructure with Bargain Hardware today.