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Professionally refurbished laptops from Bargain Hardware include the business-grade HP EliteBook, Dell Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad series of professional machines. Benefiting from durable designs and improved specs, business laptops are made for longevity, security and upgradability. By purchasing refurbished your next office, study or home laptop will come at a more affordable price point - allowing you to benefit from relevant and powerful tech without breaking the bank. We stock a vast range of enterprise quality laptops, sizes including 12" Laptops, 13" Laptops, 14" Laptops and 15"+ Laptops. Featuring high-quality, expressive displays, powerful processors and long battery lives - these machines are designed to enhance your productivity and enjoyment. Anywhere, any time.
With Bargain Hardware's easy-to-use online configurator, you can build an amazing value PC from scratch. Choose your chassis, pick your parts, then let our expert PC builders do the rest. Alternatively, for an even simpler and quicker selection, we have a range of Pre-Configured laptops with the processor, RAM and storage options already finely tuned and ready to be added to your cart.