GPU Accelerators

Because of their parallel processing architecture, graphics processing units - GPUs - now occupy a prominent place in the high performance computing and supercomputing arenas. Dedicated GPU units from the likes of NVIDIA and AMD are now being used extensively in scientific and commercial applications, such as AI - artificial intelligence, VR - virtual reality and in many cloud based applications such as graphics accelerated virtual desktops. GPUs are also at the forefront of many areas of advanced research and development.
Nvidia’s Tesla range offers processing power of approaching 10TFlops per unit, while the Nvidia Grid range specialises in graphics virtualisation for large cloud based virtual desktop applications, amongst others. The AMD Radeon Instinct range also features massive onboard GPU power and are finding many applications, including deep learning inference and neural networks.
The GPU marketplace can be compared to an arms race, with each generation more powerful than the last. As researchers, educational institutions and corporates upgrade to the very latest devices, late generation GPU equipment can be available from Bargain Hardware at extremely competitive prices. Check online or call us for latest information.

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