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Rack mount servers are optimized for data centre deployment and other space-constrained environments. At bargain hardware we offer a wide range of used and refurbished Dell PowerEdge and HP Proliant rack mount servers, with sufficient inventory of parts and components to deliver customizable, cost-efficient solutions from entry-level 1U platforms to high-performance 4U enterprise class machines.
Both small and medium sized businesses soon find themselves outgrowing their companies early tower server setup and looking to consolidate increasing computational demands without taking up valuable floor space. Rack servers provide the ideal solution with office sized 12U cabinets available to accommodate up to 12 rack-dense 1U servers or 6 enterprise class 2U systems with room for further expansion. Co-location in data centres provides the benefits of maximum uptime and infinitely scalable bandwidth to cope with the data demands of an increasingly web-based world. Refurbished rack mount servers from bargain hardware provide an affordable alternative to leasing expensive equipment from your hosting provider.
You can find each of our most popular, in-demand HP, Dell and IBM servers on the category pages below. Where detailed product overview and specifications are provided. Alternatively, browse the full selection of refurbished rack mount servers available in the products section underneath. If you’re looking for a rack mount server that you can’t see listed on our site then please complete our quote request form with as much detail as possible and let us get back to you promptly.
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