Adobe Workstations

As a world class leader in the creative sphere, Adobe offers some of the most advanced Photo, Video & Design packages available on the market ranging from Photoshop and Lightroom to Premiere Pro and After Effects, Adobe have a package to suit everyone's needs. At Bargain Hardware we endeavor to assist you in refreshing your Enterprise IT tech in the simplest and most cost effective way possible, this is why we've created these pre-configured workstations. Choose from the below options to ensure you get the right machine to suit you.
Basic: These units are configured to the "Recommended Specification level" to run each software suite Adobe offers.
Intermediate: The intermediate workstation is perfect for the professional designer. These machines are configured above the vendors "Recommended Specifications" and provide you with enough power for large scale projects.
Extreme: These Workstations will do it all. Allowing you to use all features available and completing tasks at lightening speed. These units have been configured well above the "Recommended Specification" and are sure to provide you with a huge boost in productivity.
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  1. Adobe Lightroom Pre-Configured Workstation