AMD have always been Intel’s main competitor, and have a solid reputation for innovation. Buying refurbished AMD CPUs from Bargain hardware offers you a cheap and sustainable way of fulfilling your requirements.
AMD EPYC marks a huge leap in performance over existing Opteron offerings. EPYC is a massive refresh of AMD's server CPU offerings with up to 64 cores and 128 Threads per processor you'll get the task done efficiently and fast. Alongside their Ryzen 3rd Generation they've introduced 2nd Generation EPYC CPU's which are both first to support PCIe 4.0 providing double the bandwidth of last generation. With up to 128 PCIe lanes you're always going to have plenty for expansion cards and ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage.
Refurbished AMD EPYC Server processors are a cost effective way to increase your servers capacity without replacing old for new. EPYC such as the 7301 are incredibly popular due to their relatibely low entry price and capabilities with possible expansion to 64 core offerings as you grow your business and scale up. Always offering fantastic value AMD refurbished server CPUs allow you to make use of rendering and virtualization with no comprise. Unleash your HPC with the AMD Epyc architecture, with larger memory capacity and greater memory bandwidth than their Intel Xeon competitors, the price per performance of refurbished AMD Epyc processors is second to none.
With cheap prices available from Bargain Hardware for ex-corporate refurbished AMD CPUs it makes sense to upgrade your systems to the maximum they will support. We have a steady supply of AMD processors from our large corporate client base, who are regularly upgrading their offices and datacentres.

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