Intel Desktop

Refurbished Intel processors are the perfect cheap processors for gaming or home/office use, with a long list of Intel generations available at the cheapest prices in the UK, Bargain Hardware have the Intel Processor for you. Upgrading the CPU of your computer can seriously prolong the lifecycle of your system making it the best, cheap alternative to buying new systems.
Intel Pentium and Celeron processors feature in most systems with un-demanding workloads and are perfect for office use. Cheap to purchase in bulk, Pentium or Celeron processors are perfect for office roll-outs offering reliable power and energy efficiency.
Used Intel Core i3 processors, with features such as Hyper Threading and Integrated Intel HD graphics, are cheap replacements for Pentiums CPUs. Core i3 processors are great for everyday office use, database entry and basic photo editing.
Following Core i3 processors, are the Intel Core i5. Increasing core count and base frequency, Intel Core i5 processors are a little more pricey but offer fantastic price v performance. Features such as Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost and Virtulization support, make used Core i5 processors great upgrades for systems running CPU intensive applications or perfect for building your own gaming PC on a budget.
Increase your work productivity or be the last man standing on Fortnite with a used Core i7 processor from Bargain Hardware. Top of the range, Intel Core i7 processors offer staggering performance for demanding applications and gaming alike. Using Core i5 processors as building blocks, Intel Core i7 processors offer faster clock speeds, increased cache, overclocking opportunities and increased core count. New i7 processors can be expensive to purchase especially when buying in bulk, however Refurbished Core i7 Quad Core and Hex Core CPUs offer the same performance but at a fraction of the new RPP.
As new processors are introduced and corporate clients upgrade their systems, thousands of ex-corporate used Intel CPUs become available. Fully tested and at a fraction of their new price Bargain Hardware have a plethora of Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake and Kaby Lake processors ready to ship to worldwide, from their UK based warehouses. Can't find what you're looking for? Be sure to give us a call, send us an email or hop on live chat to speak to one of our sales representatives about our Intel Desktop Processors.