Enterprise HDDs & SSDs

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Hard disk drives, or HDDs, are at the heart of all modern systems, and buying refurbished enterprise HDD storage from Bargain Hardware’s extensive stocks of cheap but reliable HDDs and SSDs will stretch your IT budget further with refurbished hard drives costing up to 50% less than brand new.
Enterprise 2.5" SAS and 3.5" SAS hard drives are available from OEMs such as HP, Dell and Lenovo in or out of caddy depending on your requirements. Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS disk drives are generally preferred for high performance storage servers as the drive is shorter than it's 3.5" brother, the platter area is smaller meaning it can perform up to 50% better than a large form factor SAS drive, even at the same RPM whether it be 10K or 15K. Enterprise 3.5" SAS HDDs feature in hard drive enclosures such as the HP storage array SSA70 where large drive capacities are more of a concern than performance. In some cases a 2U 12 x 3.5" LFF storage server can house up to 96TB of storage, or you can populate a NAS enclosure with 1TB or 2TB 3.5" SAS HDDs for cheap SAS storage. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives available range from SAS-1 (3G) to SAS-3 (12G) with SAS3 mainly being used in late generation servers with compatible 12G RAID controllers such as the Dell PERC H730p or HP Smart Array P440.
Enterprise level SATA hard disks are very similar to SAS drives, they come from many manufacturers such as Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba both in and out of hard drive caddies, in a variety of spindle and transfer rate speeds. Enterprise 2.5" SATA server drives are also available for HP servers, Dell servers, IBM servers and every other enterprise server manufacturer out there. Enterprise drives are preferred over consumer hard drives for intensive use as tolerances are higher which increases the MTBF (Mean time between failures). SATA I (1.5G), SATA II (3G) and SATA III (6G) drives come in a multiple spindle speeds ranging from 5.4K to 15K, the latter being a Western Digital VelociRaptor drive, which allows you to choose the perfect disk for you regardless of whether you require a performance hard drive or a cheap hard drive.