Dell Workstations

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Every Dell Precision workstation is designed for professionals in technical engineering, computer-aided design (CAD), animation, digital imaging, and other high-end graphics-intensive fields. Working closely with independent software vendors (ISVs), Dell ensures that their systems deliver productive, reliable performance across a wide range of software and applications.
Whether you're building 2-D or 3-D models or multitasking with demanding applications, Dell has a Precision workstation to power through your tasks with ease. The single socket entry-level Dell Precision T1700, T3620, and T3640 provide exceptional price/performance characteristics for smooth, graphical operation without breaking the budget. The Precision 5820 and 7820 workstations offer dual socket Intel Xeon Scalable processors and vast expansion options, making them ideal for intensive computing tasks. Sharing the same chipset architecture as the Dell PowerEdge server range, these workstations are more than capable of handling business-critical operations. The latest generation, including the Dell Precision 3640, 5820, and 7920, introduces advanced Intel Xeon processors and increased memory capacity, supporting up to 3TB of RAM for ultra-intensive virtualisation and computing tasks.