Graphics Cards

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Business and professional design graphics cards are often the most costly component in high-end Workstations & PCs and the second hand user-to-user market is small and often unreliable.

Bargain hardware specialize in refurbished graphics cards for dual-display, quad-display CAD/CAM design, rendering and HPC Supercomputing. Due to long lists of high-end Workstations & Servers being bought from corporate clients, high-performance graphics cards are received regularly. Used and Refurbished Graphics cards give you the ability to upgrade more systems for less, bulk purchases of tens or hundreds of graphics cards are extremely expensive, bulk ordering of refurbished graphics cards can save you thousands and give you access to technology that has previously been restricted to major design houses and multi-national enterprise clients.

Tested, stocked and ready to ship worldwide, Bargain Hardware have thousands of GDDR3, DDR3, GDDR4 and GDRR5 Graphics Cards from OEMs such as NVIDIA and AMD at hand with DisplayPort, HDMI, DMS-59, DVI and a bunch of other outputs available. Whether you need a cheap NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti for mining or a refurbished NVIDIA Quadro K6000 for photorealistic rendering (CGI) and intensive video editing, used graphics cards are a cost effective solution.

Upgrading or replacing? You can select the required Graphics Card from the long list available on Bargain Hardware's store, ranging from Cheap refurbished NVIDIA Dual Screen cards, to High-end ATI-Professional Design cards, every variation is available on next-day worldwide shipments. Whether you need a Server compatible, CUDA capable NVIDIA GPU or a Multi-Display Workstation. Video cards are checked, tested and safely delivered at prices you simply cannot find elsewhere.