Pre-Configured Audio Production Workstations

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Audio production workstations can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your workflow and end goal. Ensuring maximum performance, compatibility with software and additional hardware is paramount in any DAW system. This is why we've provided a selection of pre-configured workstations specifically designed to give you your best bang-for-your-buck, ranging from entry level to high-end studio production. Although the requirements for Audio Production workstations are rather specific, the recommended specification doesn't vary greatly between software whether you're using Adobe Audition CC, AVID pro tools or Ableton live our workstations have you covered. Below you can find a breakdown of our workstation tier system and find which workstation will be right for you:
Basic: Designed for individuals that are newer to audio production and are on a tighter budget but require an 'all-rounder' system that can allow you to dive into the world of music production, whilst still providing you with a great system for general use.
Intermediate: The intermediate workstation is perfect for the professional home studio. These machines are configured to ensure you can get the most out of your audio software. Packed with performance the Intermediate systems equip more RAM, CPU Cores (& Threads), whilst keeping future expandability in mind in an effort to provide you with the perfect home-audio solution.
Expert: These Workstations will do it all. Allowing you to use all features available and completing tasks at lightening speed. The Expert DAW is for the professional in need of the best of the best. Jammed with performance, cross-compatibility and potential for further upgrade-ability these systems will never hold you back and will feel right at home in even the most demanding professional environments.
If you have any questions or wish to speak to a sales rep, please use our live chat or feel free to call the office on 01254 878 801.

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  1. Audio Production Workstations
    • Basic: Quad Core 3.60GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
    • Intermediate: Fourteen Core 2.40GHz, 48GB RAM, 1TB NVMe
    • Expert: Twenty-Four Core 1.90GHz, 96GB RAM, 1TB NVMe, 8GB Graphics
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    Base From: £267.50

  2. AVID Pro-Tools - Digital Audio Workstations
    • Beginner: 3.50GHz Hex Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 1GB Graphics
    • Home-Studio: 3.00GHz Twelve Core CPU, 48GB RAM, 1GB Graphics
    • Professional-Studio: 3.00GHz Eighteen Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 8GB Graphics
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    Base From: £976.00

Grid List