Hard Drives and Solid State Drives

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Hard disk drives, or HDDs, are at the heart of all modern systems, and buying refurbished re-used consumer HDD storage from Bargain Hardware’s extensive stocks of cheap but reliable HDDs will stretch your IT budget just that little bit further. You can never have too much storage!
A plethora of consumer 2.5" SATA hard drives for small form factor drive bays, found in laptops and USDT PCs, are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 500GB to 1TB all the way up to 5TB from Seagate BarraCuda. to give your system an extra boost, all are available with SFF-LFF converter caddies or without.
The world has experienced an explosion in consumer data storage, as music, video and photo files have just got bigger and bigger as definitions and resolutions have increased. Anybody who was around in the 1980s will remember 20Mb drives the size of a house brick. Now you can have a terabyte in the palm of your hand.
Today’s HDDs from Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba spin as fast as 10,000 or 15,000 rpm, attain sequential media transfer rates above 1.6 Gbit/s and sustained transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps. Form factors are either 2.5” (SFF) or 3.5” (LFF) and the commonest interface at the consumer and desktop level is SATA - Serial ATA. SATA drives offer a huge range of capacities at transfer rates of 1.5, 3.0, 6.0 and 16 Gbit/s.
The predecessor to SATA was the IDE interface, still going strong in millions of systems worldwide.