Best Selling HP Workstations

At Bargain Hardware there are hundreds of HP workstation models in stock, all of which are fully configurable to match your specific requirements. With so many makes, models and options available it can be difficult to configure the correct machine for your use, this is where 'Best Selling HP Workstations' comes in. Setting a benchmark for the most purchased specification industry wide the best selling page offers a Pre-Configured workstation perfect for a specific set of tasks which are identified on the product page.
Not suitable for your use or wish to configure your own system? You can find all our current workstation models here.

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  • HP Z440 Workstation

    HP Z440 Pre-Configured Workstation

    Availability: Out of stock

    Chassis Price: £559.80


    • 3.50GHz Quad Core - Intel Xeon E5-1620 V3
    • 32GB (4x 8GB) DDR4 RAM
    • 4GB nVidia Graphics Card
    • Windows 10 Professional
    • 700W PSU

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