Dell Precision T7920

Featuring the new generation of dual-socket, mega-performance, Intel Xeon processors with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum CPUs available with up to 28-Cores per processor. Scalability is ever-present in the Precision range and the T7920 is no different, with up to 3TB DDR4 2666MHz available, the immense power of the T7920 can be scaled to the job. ISV certifications ensure that your performance is put to use, the Dell Precision Optimizer tunes your workstation to make sure you're getting the most out of your editing workstation.
The most demanding projects, such as virtual reality workflows, are conquered by the next generation of graphics from Radeon Pro and NVidia Quadro Pascal high-performance graphics cards. Flexible storage allows you to have up to 48TB local storage or you can optimize speed through the use of front access FlexBays utilizing SATA, SAS and PCIe M.2/U.2 NVMe SSDs.
Bargain Hardware offers customization of all Dell Precision workstations. Customize your workstation with our Configure-To-Order (CTO) hardware options which allow you to select various settings during the purchase process; building your refurbished Dell Precision in line with your budget and performance requirements.

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