HP Z4 G4

Revolutionize the way you create with the HP Z4 G4. Designed for engineers, virtualization workloads and machine learning the HP Z4 G4 equips Intel Xeon and Intel Core X processors to provide designers and creators with a productivity-boosting setup that doesn't break the bank.
Next generation Intel processors offer impressive gains over previous gen. Offering multiple cores at blazingly fast clock speeds the HP Z4 G4 ensures the power you need is on hand. The Z4 workstation is unrivaled when it comes to flexibility, with both Core X and Xeon options, M.2 NVMe SSD slots and impressive upgrade paths this workstation has everything you need now, and the space to expand for your future needs. A multitude of expansion options from front I/O to power supply wattage means the Z4 G4 system can be applied to almost any workload.
Designed for designers. The HP Z4 equips a plethora of AMD Radeon and NVIDIA Quadro cards ranging from entry 3D cards such as the W2100 and Quadro P420 to the ultra-high-end WX9100 and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. The combination of impressive graphics solutions and extensive ISV certifications with major applications such as AutoDesk, ANSYS and Dassault, gives the Z4 an edge over its competition, providing you with uncompromising productivity.
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  1. HP Z4 Tower Workstation - Front

    HP Z4 G4 Xeon Workstation

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    • Eighteen (18) Core Xeon
    • 8x 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM
    • 2x PCI-e 3.0 Graphics Expansion Slots
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