Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Workstation

Designed for demanding tasks and resource-intensive applications, this Lenovo ThinkStation P330 delivers uncompromising performance and reliability. Engineered to meet the rigorous needs of content creators, designers, and engineers, the P330 Tower combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction.

Powered by Intel® Xeon® or Core™ processors, the ThinkStation P330 ensures swift and seamless multitasking, enabling you to tackle complex projects with ease. Its versatile configuration options allow you to customize the system to meet your specific requirements, whether you're immersed in 3D rendering, CAD design, or data analysis.

Equipped with professional-grade graphics options, including NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs, the P330 Tower delivers exceptional visual fidelity and accelerated computing for graphics-intensive workloads. The reliability of ECC memory further ensures data integrity during critical tasks, providing peace of mind in mission-critical projects.

In addition to its impressive performance, the ThinkStation P330 Tower prioritizes user-friendly features. The spacious interior allows for easy upgrades and maintenance, ensuring your workstation can adapt to evolving needs. The advanced thermal design keeps the system cool under heavy workloads, maintaining optimal performance over extended periods.

Connectivity is not an afterthought in the P330 Tower. With a plethora of ports, including USB, DisplayPort, and optional Thunderbolt™, you can seamlessly connect to peripherals, high-resolution displays, and external storage devices.

Experience a new level of efficiency and reliability with the Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tower Workstation – the tool of choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best in performance, scalability, and dependability.

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  1. Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tower

    Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tower

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    • Single Processor
      Up to Eight (8) Core Xeon
    • 4 Memory Slots
      Up to 64GB DDR4 RAM
    • Up to 1x Graphics Cards
      Up to 400W Power Supply
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