Lenovo Thinkstation P900 Workstation

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The ThinkStation P900, built for extreme performance and reliability when you need it the most. Coming equipped with Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 series processors this workstation bolsters a performance boost of over 73% compared to it's predecessor, the ThinkStation D30. With 16 onboard DDR4 ECC DIMM slots this Workstation Powerhouse can make use of up to 1024GB RAM. High speed video and multi monitor configurations are support by a variety of nVidia Quadro and AMD Pro Profesisonal Graphics cards.
The Lenovo P900 is masterfully engineered to not only put out incredible performance, but to put out minimum noise and heat during operation, Lenovo's patented tri-channel architecture ensures each component receives cool air using fewer fans. The tool-less access chassis is jam packed of features ranging from 6 PCIe slots to a plethora of I/O options. This ThinkStation powerhouse excels in creative environments such as CAD, CAE, CAM, DCC, Video Creation/Editing and Pharma/biotech research and is renowned for it's incredible reliability and adaptability.
Bargain Hardware are the specialists in refurbished high-end workstations. Configure your Lenovo P900 using our Configure-To- Order system. Alternatively, if you would like to communicate with a member of our team, do not hesitate to open up live chat or give us a call.

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  1. Lenovo ThinkStation P900 Workstation

    Lenovo ThinkStation P900 Workstation

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    • Single or Dual Processor
      Up to Eighteen (18) Core Xeon
    • 16 Memory Slots
      Up to 1TB DDR4 RAM
    • Up to 4x Graphics Cards
      Up to 1300W Power Supply
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