Intel Core i7 Desktop PCs

Part of the pre-configured Desktop PC range, our Intel Core i7 computers have been spec'd ready for your use. Top of the range i7 PCs are the best option for intensive work loads such as multimedia tasks, high-end gaming, and scientific work but unfortunately can be expensive solutions. Refurbished i7 desktop computers give you a far cheaper option allowing you get the power you require at a price you need allowing you to stretch your budget much further.
The top of the range Intel Core i7 range of processors feature quad cores, Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading. Turbo Boost dynamically adjusts the clock speed of the CPU, increasing it only when maximum power is needed. This has the effect of minimising both the cooling and power requirements of the CPU, giving you a cleaner, greener CPU that packs a punch, but doesn’t waste resources unnecessarily. Hyper-Threading makes each physical core appear as two which results in a much increased processing capacity. Core i7 CPUs have 8mb of L3 cache, 50% more than the i5, enabling faster throughput and performance. Core i7 CPUs also have on-chip integrated graphics which is another useful power saving feature.
Bargain Hardware offer a wide range of refurbished systems featuring most popular models of Intel Core i7 architecture. Prefer to build your own specification? Use the “configure to order” section to get the best desktop pc for you, and don’t forget that quantity discounts are available - just contact us for details.

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