i3 Pre-Configured PCs

Intel CPUs have dominated the personal computer world for a generation. The latest offering is the Intel Core range of CPUs, and comes in i3, i5 and i7 iterations - but what’s the difference? Generally speaking and as you might expect, Intel Core i3 is for everyday and entry level systems, Intel Core i5 powers mid range systems, and the powerful hyper threaded Core i7 powers high power multi tasking applications - video and gaming for example.
The Intel Core i3 range of processors feature dual cores - essentially 2 CPUs on the same chip. While lacking the Turbo Boost facility of the i5 and i7 CPUs, the i3 does feature Hyper-Threading which gives a useful boost to the dual cores of this entry level processor. Core i3 CPUs have 3mb of L3 cache, and also have on-chip integrated graphics which is another useful power saving feature.
Bargain Hardware offer a wide range of refurbished systems featuring most popular models of Intel Core i3 architecture. Use the “configure to order” features of our online system, and don’t forget that quantity discounts are available - just contact us for details.

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