Delivery And Packaging

Delivery & Packaging

Order Processing Times

Parts and Components

Orders placed before 13:00 GMT/BST for components (excluding configured systems) are, in most cases, processed and dispatched on the same day. PLEASE NOTE: You must select UPS or DPD shipping options for same-day dispatch before 13:00 GMT/BST. Orders with Royal Mail shipping selected will not be dispatched until the next business day, if ordered after 08:30 GMT/BST.

Configured Systems

Note: All systems sold through our site are configured to order. Current estimated order processing times for such orders are as follows:

Servers and Workstations (1-5 Units)
Estimated: 2 business days.

Laptops and PCs (1-5 Units)
Estimated: 2 business days.

Bulk Orders (5+ Units)
Estimated: 2-4 business days.

Whereby OEM manufacturers such as HP & Dell require up to 2 weeks to fulfil a custom configured server or workstation, we hold an enormous inventory of both OEM and generic parts so all configured systems can be built, tested and dispatched in a timely manner.

All inventory advertised on our site is in-stock and available unless otherwise stated on the product detail page. If a product is out of stock you will not be able to add it to your basket, however you can subscribe to receive a notification for when the product is back in stock.

Shipping Prices & Times

All shipping prices are based on the weight, destination and speed of service. Prices and shipping times are automatically calculated in the shopping cart after items are added.
We do not currently offer free shipping in order to provide the most accurate and competitive item pricing. Instead of building shipping costs into our items, we simply pass on the exact costs we incur for the total shipment.

Shipping Services Information

Bargain Hardware can ship to most countries around the world. All import duties, taxes, entry documentation and permission on international orders are the responsibility of the customer. All shipping options will be displayed during checkout.
Not every country is enabled for shipping in our online store. We are however happy to ship to any country in the world (excluding those currently under UK sanctions: UK Importing/Exporting Guidelines). If your country is not listed below then please contact our sales team directly with your requirement and we’ll be happy to help.

All delivery estimates exclude weekends, holidays or weather delays and are the responsibility of the parcel carrier. Please be reasonable with your expectations and understand that delays can occur, even with the best parcel carriers, and are entirely out of our control.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery options are available for orders with no single item weighing over 30Kg (when packaged) and with a total order weight not more than 90Kg.

Note: We cannot deliver any parcels to PO Boxes.

Royal Mail - (Worldwide Small Parcels)
UK’s national mail and parcel delivery network. They provide an economical solution for small (under 1.5kg) and low value (under £50 GBP) orders. Royal Mail operate their own extensive network in the UK and are likely to use the national postal service of international destinations.

DPD - (UK & EU Road)
DPD are our main parcel carrier for all UK deliveries. Their award winning ‘1 hour delivery window’ technology provides a level of convenience for customers that other carriers have not yet been able to emulate. Watc hthe video here:

UPS - (UK & EU Road, Worldwide Air Express)
UPS provide both UK & EU Road services aswell as global air express options for time critical shipments.

Pallet Freight

Pallet freight delivery is required for orders with any single item weighing over 30Kg (when packaged) or with a total order weight of more than 90Kg.

Note: You must be able to receive pallets for freight delivery.

The Pallet Network (FDC) - (UK Road)
FDC provide an economical solution for pallet delivery within the UK, connecting with other Pallet Network companies to ensure nationwide coverage. Online tracking is not provided for these shipments.

Kuehne + Nagel - (EU Road, Worldwide Air & Sea)
Keuhne + Nagel are our primary partner for road freight pallet deliveries to mainland Europe and air-freight pallet shipments worldwide. If your shipping destination is outside of the UK, your order is likely to be shipped with Keuhne + Nagel, providing highly competitive rates and online tracking to most destinations.

For pallet freight deliveries which do not include live tracking, the carrier will make contact with you prior to their delivery attempt (using the details supplied with your order).

You must be able to receive pallets for pallet freight delivery. Please consider the physical size and weight of your purchase. The driver will deliver your shipment to the curb side/door, but is not responsible for any further movement of the shipment.

All delivery estimates exclude weekends, holidays or weather delays and are the responsibility of the pallet carrier. Please be reasonable with your expectations and understand that delays can occur, even with the best pallet carriers, and are entirely out of our control.

Other Delivery Options


As we do not operate a store-front premises we’re not in a position to offer on-site collection. Our order management process of order receipt, picking, assembly and shipping is all dictated by our in-house systems and enables us to optimise fulfilment of your order most efficiently without collection interruptions.

Customer Provided Logistics

For orders over £500 GBP, where prepayment is made by bank wire transfer and where booking of the collection is handled by you the customer, we are able to ship using your own logistics account. Please contact us before ordering to make arrangements.

Blind Shipping

We can offer blind shipping as an option for orders. Please contact us before ordering to request blind shipping.

Secure Custom Packaging

Cardboard & Tape

Our custom made, corrugated cardboard boxes are made to match the original OEM specification of our refurbished servers and workstations. Each box is tested against the heaviest weight it’s designed to carry in order to ensure resilience from the most extreme impact.
Tamper proof gummed paper tape provides a reinforced seal to each package, ensuring the parcel contents cannot be interfered with whilst providing a more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional single-use plastic.
Further in-keeping with our environmentally conscience goals, corrugated packaging has the best UK recycling record of any packaging material with over 80% of all corrugated collected for recycling. On average, UK manufactured corrugated boxes contain 76% recycled fibre.

Anti-Static RAM & CPU Trays

Bulk quantities of refurbished RAM and CPUs will be dispatched in our purpose made RAM and CPU trays for maximum protection.
Anti-static protection is of paramount importance and all sensitive components such as hard drives and memory modules are handled under ESD controls.
Smaller volumes of used and refurbished components, such as graphics cards, redundant PSU’s and network controllers will be carefully sealed in ESD safe bags before a suitable air bubble or foam void fill is used, appropriate for the size and weight of shipment.

Expanding Foam Cushioning

Every bit as important as the box that holds it together, the protective void fill packaging inside your shipment is crucial to the safe transit of your refurbished IT hardware.
From the early days of second-hand bubble wrap and used newspaper to shredded cardboard and air pad sheets, we’ve tried them all. But for the safe and secure shipment there is no safer, cleaner or more suitable solution than expanding foam.
Custom moulded to fit servers, workstations, desktop PCs and TFT monitors, our foam-in-place inserts allow you safely and easily re-use the material for returns or forward shipping if required. Our foam is bio-stable. It will not degrade and contribute to air or water contamination. It has superior cushioning abilities that provide maximum protection with a minimum of material. Less packaging is used, so less enters the waste stream.

Expert Handling

With two decades experience of ecommerce sales and distance selling refurbished hardware, our dispatch team know exactly what it takes to ensure the safe transportation of every order.
For all individually packaged build to order systems, a double wall cardboard box is prepared and sealed at the bottom with tamper proof reinforced gummed paper tape. Our custom moulded foam inserts are then placed into the bottom of the box before the system is gently lowered on top, ensuring a tight fit to prevent voids in the box in which the system can vibrate or move freely. More moulded inserts are then fitted on top of the unit and any peripheral parts such as rack rails and power cables are inserted before a final check to make sure no surfaces are exposed. The box is then tightly sealed with more reinforced tape and checked for rigidity before proceeding to our loading area.
We appreciate that a consignment is only as safe as its packaging and we’re constantly exploring the latest machines and materials available to ensure safe transit throughout the global transport networks.