Item Grading Guide

Item Grading Guide

The following guide explains how we determine the grading of our refurbished systems. We categorise by three grades: A+, A and B. We do so because we believe that our A+ grade is superior to the industry standard ‘A’ grade.

All three grades provide fully functional, tested systems. The differences between the 3 grades are made up of cosmetic imperfections and not significant functional flaws. We thoroughly believe in honesty and transparency with our customers and this guide is aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the physical condition of the goods you are purchasing.

Desktop PCs, Workstations & Tower Servers

Grade A+ 

Excellent overall condition. The possibility of only the slightest cosmetic scuffs or marks due to normal use but these will be barely noticeable and this will be a great example for a machine of

  • No dents/indentations
  • No scratches exposing bare metal
  • No cracked plastics or missing cosmetic items
  • Some cosmetic restore paint may be used but this will not be visible

Grade A

Good overall condition. The unit may have fine scratches and scuffs which you would expect with wear and tear. Slightly larger scratches will be corrected with restore paint.

  • Possibility of 1 small dent/indentation less than 1cm but not on the same panel/side
  • No scratches exposing bare met