Linux for Desktops & Laptops

Linux for Desktops & Laptops

Fully Free Software

At Bargain Hardware we pride ourselves on supplying business class refurbished desktop and laptop computers at unbeatable prices.

Keeping true to this focus on quality and affordability we offer completely free installation of the latest stable release Linux operation system distros on all refurbished desktops and laptops.

If you don’t find the option on your product page, or would prefer to receive the installation media to perform your own install, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Fedora is a developer and productivity centralised Linux distribution with emphasis on reliability and virtualisation. This makes it ideal for developers and students alike, with virtualisation using GNOME boxes you’ll no longer have to worry about doing something wrong on your main operating system. Sporting GNOME interface helps it to keep the distractions down and increase your productivity.

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Ubuntu is probably the friendliest OS for people new to Linux due to it’s wide driver support and extensive support from countless end users and large community of ‘problem solvers’ on first-party website from Canonical ( It also comes with Mac OS and Windows style App Store to take the headache of command line installations away. It’s also great for gamers being the main distribution of Linux supporting largest game store Steam.

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If you’re a bit more technical Debian might be just the distribution for you. It’s probably most commonly known for being the main OS to run on Raspberry Pi. Offering different kernels (core of the operating system) it allows you to make your system behave just the way you want to. If you wish to use the system as is however you can always rely on over 59,000 packages (ready to install applications). As it’s much simpler than other distributions it can take as little as 2GB to install meaning you could even run it of your keychain USB.

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Most Linux distributions will run fast on most machines however FreeBSD is focused on speed and stability. It’s compatible with laptops and servers alike offering a suite of networking, compatibility and security features. It can often be found on many networking appliances from routers to wireless access points. You almost certainly will cover all your networking needs with this distribution.

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