Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse

A Message From Us

We’re excited to announce that Bargain Hardware have recently become a Northern Powerhouse partner, working alongside a huge network of over 300 businesses, including businesses across the North, celebrating and sharing key successes in five key areas; skills, innovation, trade, investment and culture. We’re committed to driving and delivering the possible combined economic potential of the north.

“We are proudly a British and European company, with a workforce drawn from 10 countries and a customer base spanning 5 continents and over 70 countries. Our growth is entirely self-funded, and we maintain a conservative financial outlook with a focus on developing our workplace community for the benefit of our employees and customers alike.

Bargain Hardware believes in fostering a positive culture where work-life balance is key to our team feeling motivated and productive. We embrace diversity, creativity and have a flair for innovation, we have introduced new technology to improve the workflow and we have implemented learning and development programs, so we are able to upskill and retain our workforce.

We strongly believe in the economic potential of the North. With our company growing in team numbers and new expansion plans on the horizon, we will continue to invest in new technologies, training and development to ensure we stay ahead of competition and remain proactive in promoting and supporting the Northern Powerhouse.”
- Ben Craig, Operations Director at Bargain Hardware.

A Message From The Rt Hon Jake Berry MP

“With headquarters in Ribble Valley serving their customers across the North, Bargain Hardware are a fantastic addition to our Northern Powerhouse Partner Programme which brings together over 300 organisations all committed to creating a thriving Northern economy.

The Government is backing the North with £3.4 billion from the Local Growth Fund and supported by businesses like Bargain Hardware, which are committed to developing their workforce, we can create even more opportunities for good jobs and ensure the Northern Powerhouse goes from strength to strength.”
- Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, the Rt Hon Jake Berry MP.

About The Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse is Government’s vision for a more prosperous North with good-paying jobs for hard-working people, better roads and railways, higher-performing schools and world-beating universities.

The Northern Powerhouse Partner Programme is an essential part of creating the Northern Powerhouse.

Government is looking to build a network of partners who all believe strongly in the economic potential of the North, and support the need for a combined effort by government and business to realise that potential. There are currently over 300 businesses and organisations signed up to the Partner Programme.

Prospective partners can email for more information about the Partners Programme and how to apply.