Lenovo ThinkCentre M710

Comprised of Tower, Small Form Factor and Tiny systems the ThinkCentre M710 range brings the power to drive your business forward.
The extremely powerful M710 range makes use of Intel's 6th generation i-series processors from i3 up to i7. The variation of form factors offered provides you with true flexibility during configuration. Need a powerful desktop PC with M.2 storage, PC4 RAM and ultra-fast processing speed? The Lenovo M710 Tower and Small Form Factor options bring power to your finger tips. Perhaps flexibility and out-right speed isn't your greatest concern but size and durability is. The M710q Tiny allows you to truly think big, with a tiny footprint. Made to operate in the toughest environments the Tiny range can handle extreme temperatures and dusty conditions without breaking a sweat.
Here at Bargain Hardware we aim to please you with high quality Lenovo refurbished desktops and you are able to configure to meet your exact requirements. To do this simply use our Configure-To-Order system to customise your ThinkCentre M710. Alternatively, if you would like to communicate with a member of our sales team, do not hesitate to click on the contact us button.

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