Dell Latitude E6440

Powerful, durable and scalable. Going against the trend of current Ultrabooks the E6000 series is designed specifically for business use. Featuring a durable tri-metal case with good pressure resistance and tight metal hinges to avoid any screen seesawing when adjusting your viewing angle.
The most secure laptop from Dell to date, the 14" Latitude E6440 is key for business laptops and Dell ensure you are covered with the E6440. Making us of the standard security features: a Kensington lock slot, a fingerprint scanner and a SmartCard reader. Dell have gone further and also opted for a Trusted Platform Module which allows for unique ID from remote connections since the VPro CPU supports remote access. Equipped with i3, i5 or i7 4th Generation i-Series processors these 14" business laptops pack a punch thanks to Intel hyperthreading and turbo boost technology. Although Dell have opted for the more power hungry “M” i-Series processors, this latitude notebook still offers up to an impressive 9.45 hours of battery life.
The Dell Latitude E6440 brings business orientated value and an array of security features to you in a stylish robust tri-metal case. What more could you ask for?
A refurbished Dell Latitude E6440 from Bargain Hardware is available to configure your storage and memory options. Configure your Latitude online or contact our sales team using the contact us option for a quote today.

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